Boel Nelson
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Hi! :)

I'm Boel, and I'm passionate about learning. In fact, I like learning so much that I decided to work full-time with learning... which is why I'm a researcher!

When it comes to research, my favorite topic is privacy (in all forms and flavors). In particular, I have a soft spot for differential privacy. Generally, I like to explore holistic approaches to privacy. That is, I try to understand if and how computer systems can potentially leak information, and how we can go about either mitigating or quantifying the leakage.

Currently, I'm working as a postdoc at University of Copenhagen. Prior to joining UCPH, I was a postdoc in the Logic and Semantics group at Aarhus university, working on anonymous communication with Aslan Askarov. I earned my PhD (dissertation, topic: differential privacy) from Chalmers University of Technology. My PhD supervisor was David Sands.



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